Energy Inspections

Have your home inspected with thermal imaging, a comprehensive energy audit or health & safety inspections

A Tailor Made Energy Audit will discover core causes of energy loss, enabling needed repairs or replacement to be made with confidence. Tailor Made has services and products that will save energy costs. Energy audits are the pathway for a rebate through your utility energy provider.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

See energy loss issues by clearly displaying hot and cold.

Comprehensive Energy Audits

The blower door test revels how air tight your home is.

Health & Safety Inspections

All combustible appliances are checked for carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

“We are so pleased that we selected Tailor Made Windows and Doors. The installers really know what they're doing, and they're great people. The finished work on our doors - the sills, plates, molding, and trim - is stellar. Do not hesitate to consider them for your home's door or window replacement needs. ”

Professional Energy Assessments
Find Out How Your Home Is Performing
We're Certified by the Building Performance Institute
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“Had several windows and doors replaced. From our sales rep to the entire Tailor Made family, they did excellent work.”

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